Resources on Meditation

Meditation could also mean, chanting certain rhythmic sounds in repetition to induce our mind into a steady state pattern. To some, it also might be an effort to focus on a small flame in a dark room (i.e. focusing on a "1" in a sea of "0"s. To others, it could just mean being in quiet surroundings and trying to slip into a deep awareness of every little sensation surrounding you. You could do that even without the quiet surroundings. What it takes is a method to bring your brain and mind's focus close to your own being. When one can do that, you start traveling deep inside your own consciousness.

Some of this might sound very abstract but it is a matter of trying to under understanding how the human body works and how neurons move in our brain. [this is a BIG topic that I am oversimplifying here].

Local Meditation Resources

< Lila Yoga Studios
Mark Agrusti's classes on Wed evening. Do call/email/facebook them to check exact schedule.They are located on Beaver Ave across from Schlow Library / CATA bus stop.

Tru Meditation
Located in Lemont, PA. B bus takes you there or you can bike down to Lemont from Downtown State College! 921 Pike Street, Suite 201 Lemont PA, 16851.

Books on Meditation (links to Amazon)

The Yoga System Of Health And Relief From Tension  (This is the book I personally use).

Other Titles that maybe worth looking at:

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